Program Change is an independent sound design and recording laboratory located in Budapest, Hungary, hipster capital of Europe ( ) Our mission is providing ready to play, high quality synthesizer sample sets from the past and present.

Our staff works enthusiastically in the pro audio field since more than 25 years – a huge list of local golden and platinum records, TV and radio shows and similar engineering works are belonging to our expertise.

What we mean about quality is radically different from any similar sources out there. You will find multi-gigabyte sample products in our library for only a few bucks – we really go into details in reproducing electronic sounds.


How we achieve it
We choose the bit depth of sample accuracy according to the project; it means at least 24 bit when recording analog sources. In most cases, we use a wide keyboard range of 88 keys, and take samples in every three semitones interval. We also carefully set different velocity layers when the character of sound changes over velocity.

We never use any kind of artificial looping since it kills the character of the original instrument, and/causes audible clicks, pops, unwanted vibrato or tremolo. Instead, we sample the sound as long as it is needed – at least 10-12 seconds on each key/velocity combination, or more, especially when it makes sense of the specific sound (long pads, for example).


We own everything we sample
Yes, we have crowded rooms of synthesizers of different ages – many more than you can find on the site. We will regularly release newer sample sets in the future so it is worth to like our Facebook page or follow our blog to keep you up to date about them.

In addition we can respond to special needs: you can ask us to make exclusive samples for you with even more accuracy in terms of anything. Or, you can even send patch files for our synthesizers to sample them for you. Our exclusive rates are subject to the task, so don’t hesitate to ask them at