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 Try some of these high quality, full-length instruments for free.

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800 instant, high resolution sampled instruments taken from Matrix-1000, greatest sound module of the classic Oberheim world.

Legendary synth manufacturer, Oberheim had a wonderful plan in the late eighties: they developed a relatively cheap synth module with all the analogue goodies they had at the time (yes, fine oscillators and filters), give them a MIDI control and tons of preset sounds covering every sound style their instruments ever produced.

The result was Matrix-1000, and it fulfilled all the dreams with some exceptions. Its sound was as huge as an Oberheim should have, and they let it fly with 800 preset sound programs (plus 200 rewritable memory slot). But the control was not so perfect, you cannot edit the unit itself at all, and starting an external editor was also a pain due to the very slow microprocessor Matrix-1000 had.

We sampled the Matrix-1000 module with special care. We didn’t use any artificial loops to shorten the samples, instead we sampled the sounds as long as possible. We sampled all the programs with three semitones intervals, and 3-5 velocity levels if needed.

You can test some patches from the package by downloading a demo of 5 great patches freely. They work perfectly with no restriction.

  • Format: Kontakt 5 .NKI, .WAV
  • Resolution: 24 bit
  • Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Sample length on sustain: at least 10 sec
  • Number of individual sampling instruments: 800
  • Download size: 26.5 gigabyte (compressed)
  • Recording equipment: Mackie Onyx 820i
Free download