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145 ready-to-play, high resolution sampled instruments recorded directly from Roland’s last analog classic, JX-10 a.k.a. Super JX.

In the mid-eighties Roland produced their most perfect analog machine of all times, the JX10 synthesizer, also known as Super JX. Structurally it was equivalent of two JX-8P synthesizer packed together in a single box, with wider, 76 note keyboard – but its fans loved it way many more than any of the JX-8P user loved his own instrument.

Super JX used up 2 x 2 oscillators for every patch combination you call up from the front panel – a so-called upper and lower unit of two sound boards. This resulted so huge, fat sound which is hard to describe. And they used the company’s best oscillators, followed by an excellent high or low pass filter which wasn’t too far from the ones found in the outrunning Jupiter series.

The only Achilles point was the lame MIDI implementation – but some experienced users solved the numerous problems and released an EPROM hack which made the instrument really usable.

We sampled Super JX with special care. Our stereo samples follow the upper-lower structure of the synthesizer – on the left side you will hear the lower tone while the right records the upper. We didn’t use any artificial loops to shorten the samples, instead we sampled the sounds as long as possible. We sampled all the programs with three semitones intervals, and sometimes 3-5 velocity levels if needed.

You can test some patches from the JX package by downloading a demo of 5 great patches freely. They work perfectly with no restriction.

  • Format: Kontakt 5 .NKI, .WAV
  • Resolution: 24 bit
  • Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Sample length on sustain: at least 10 sec
  • Number of individual sampling instruments: 145
  • Download size: 13.3 gigabyte (compressed)
  • Recording equipment: Akai EIE Pro
Free download