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128 instant, high resolution sampling instrument recorded from Poly-800, the world’s first affordable synthesizer.

In the mid-eighties Korg produced the world’s first affordable analog polysynth, for the first time with full digital control and MIDI implementation for the masses. It was called Poly-800, alongside with a tabletop format keyboardless reincarnation, the EX-800.

Although this new instrument was a result of a really a budget-minded development, its sound isn’t somehow cheeky. But limits were everywhere: the unit had eight oscillators, and if you used them in Double mode, the actual polyphony dropped to four. All the oscillators had only a single low-pass filter to share, therefore a newly initiated note could completely restart the whole filter envelope cycle for the previous sounds, too.

An additional limit was the note range – Poly-800 received Note messages for only five octaves wide so real basses and real highs were out of consideration. And we have to point out to the higher-than average noise level the unit produced.

But don’t miss the point: Poly-800 has a warm, wonderful analog sound which makes analog fans’ heart beat faster.

We sampled the EX-800 module with special care, at high resolution. We didn’t use any artificial loops to shorten the samples, instead we sampled the sounds as long as possible. We sampled all the programs with three semitones intervals.

You can test some patches from the package by downloading a demo of 5 great patches freely. They work perfectly with no restriction.

  • Format: Kontakt 5 .NKI, .WAV
  • Resolution: 24 bit
  • Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Sample length on sustain: at least 10 sec
  • Number of individual sampling instruments: 128
  • Download size: 9,09 gigabyte (compressed)
  • Recording equipment: Mackie Onyx 820i
Free download