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192 complete, ready-to-play sampling instruments taken directly from Korg’s classic hybrid synthesizer line called DW.

Korg haven’t closed their analog life in the 80s with a huge desired beast like most companies on the synth market. Instead of that, when MIDI came they simply opened a new product category: the MIDI-equipped, affordable polyphonic synth with the massively successful, legendary Poly-800.

But those years were already dominated by a digital synthesizer family, Yamaha’s Dx-5-7-9 which set new highs in terms of sales – hundred thousands were sold from these instruments.

All the competitors had to answer this digital challenge and Korg found a very proper way: they developed a sound engine based on replaying digitally sampled waveforms, and all the rest remained analog. They equipped the new product with their legendary low-pass filters and the results was amazing: digital clarity even in the high frequencies, and those very popular aliasing imperfections in the low, combined with the famous Korg analog warmness.

This hybrid recipe was not new then: it was an invention of a German factory, PPG but Korg could color it with their unique character. First came DW-6000, a keyboard instrument with no velocity; its sound source could play eight different sound samples taken with 8-bit accuracy, and with a polyphony of six voices. Then came DW-8000, a keyboard with velocity, sixteen different waveform samples and eight-voice polyphony.

These hybrid instruments were really made for rule, their sound are still meets the contemporary fashion but later Korg found other ways in the following years: Yamaha has become a partner company and injected their FM technology into Korg. The result was forgettable, but the DW line remained still a legend.

In our Hybrid package you will find programs sampled from DW-6000 and EX-8000, which was DW-8000′s rack alternative with the same sound engine.

We sampled all the instruments with care. We didn’t use any artificial loops to shorten the samples, instead we sampled the sounds as long as possible. We sampled all the programs with three semitones intervals, and 3-5 velocity levels if needed (in case of EX-8000).

You can test some patches from the package if you download any part of our freely available Mecha series of sound sample. Check them under the Free category.

  • Format: Kontakt 5 .NKI, .WAV
  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Sample length on sustain: at least 10 sec
  • Number of individual sampling instruments:
    192 (total)
    64 (DW-6000)
    128 (EX-8000)
  • Download size: 5.7 gigabyte (compressed)
  • Recording equipment: Mackie Onyx 820i
Free download