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 Try some of these high quality, full-length instruments for free.

 Free download

A package of 64 sampled instrument taken from MeeBlip, 8-bit chiptune digital synthesizer module.

The very first synth blog which ever developed and released an own synthesizer model is Their first hardware instrument, MeeBlip is marketed as a do-it-yourself product and is still available for a very reasonable price. But if you don’t want to solder sensitive electronic components you can now use our original sound library.

MeeBlip is an 8-bit generator capable of generating today’s so fashionable dirty digital noises. But it produces way more huge sound than a SID chip from a Commodore 64 or any other source – it is really quite adequate for producing really astonishing music. Basses are huge, oscillators are awesome and the filter is really well-sounding.

We didn’t do too much – just creating 64 original, production-ready patches, sampled them with sense and now it is under distribution. Check it, you will not be disappointed. We sampled the instrument with care. We didn’t use any artificial loops to shorten the samples, instead we sampled the sounds as long as possible. We sampled all the programs with three semitones intervals.

While the instrument itself is monophonic of course you can play all of its sound polyphonically within the sampler you use.

You can test some patches from the package by downloading a demo of 3 great patches freely. They work perfectly with no restriction.

  • Format: Kontakt 5 .NKI, .WAV
  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Sample length on sustain: at least 10 sec
  • Number of individual sampling instruments: 64
  • Download size: 870 megabyte (compressed)
  • Recording equipment: Mackie Onyx 820i
Free download